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Bowl Season with Dan Wetzel

If your teams came up short in the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl, the Burt Sun Bowl, the Autozone Liberty Bowl, and the 26 other bowl games that have already transpired, perhaps you can get well with a great pick in Monday night's BCS Championship Game. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports isn't a betting man, but he offers his predictions anyway.

NHL's Icy Experiment

The National Hockey League rang in the New Year with its highly-promoted "Winter Classic" outdoor hockey game. The throw-back duel between the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins attracted a sell-out crowd to the home of the NFL's Buffalo Bills. The floundering league hopes that its marketing bet will also pay off in the long run. Joyce Kryszak of member station WBFO in Buffalo was there and has our report.

Terrible T'wolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves made it to the NBA's 2004 Conference Finals. This year, they have the worst record in the NBA. Jerry Zgoda, who covers the T'wolves for the Minneapolis Star Tribune joins Bill to discuss that precipitous plummet.

"Mr. Basketball"

For most of his nine year career in pro basketball, George Mikan, who retired in 1956, was the game's most dominant player. In a new biography titled "Mr. Basketball: George Mikan, the Minneapolis Lakers, and the Birth of the NBA," Michael Schumacher tells the story of George Mikan, of whom Shaquille O'Neal has said, "without George Mikan, there'd be no me." Michael Schumacher joins Bill to discuss the book.


Our listeners were busy writing us letters and emails over the holidays. Bill opens the Only A Game mailbag.

Wild Cards and More with Charlie Pierce

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: Wild Card weekend, those crazy bowl games, and Diego Maradona's love of foreign dictators.

The Fighting Craftspeople

The North Bennett Street School is not your typical college. It's the country's oldest trade school where students, many of whom are on their second or third careers, learn skills like bookbinding, violin building, and restoration carpentry. So, why does the school have an "Athletic Director." And why did that man pass out varsity letters to fully half the school's population late last month? Only A Game's Karen Given has the story.

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