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The Girlie Man

This article is more than 13 years old.

Sometimes the New York-Boston sports rivalry gets out of hand. But, sometimes, says Bill Littlefield, it serves to add entertainment to what otherwise might be dull match-ups.

It seemed the Super Bowl might be mundane if not a bore.
The Pats had won eighteen and surely they would win one more.
Brett Favre, the second-biggest story football had displayed,
Had failed to beat the Giants. Was the game that would be played
On Super Sunday doomed to be a quick New England clinic?
You will, perhaps, forgive me if I'm sounding like a cynic,
But Eli Manning and the Giants? Even at their best
They couldn't do much more than give the Patriots a test,
And now New York is far from at their best, or so it's said.
They're banged-up, sprained, bruised, pulled, and barely north of almost dead. But leave it to the New York press, again, in all their glory,
They've jumped upon a photograph and built, it seems, a story...
The photo showed Tom Brady limping down a New York street
With something called a walking boot upon one of his feet.
The New York papers took the shot and with that shot they ran
A caption where they said Tom Brady was a girlie-man. And maybe it was envy that inspired the silly charge,
Among the luckiest celebs, Tom Brady looms quite large...
Not only has he made enough that he can buy and sell
The lot of us, he also dates a model named Giselle...
Or were the guys who called him girlie-man perhaps so dumb
That they thought Brady might become distracted from the plumb
He'll doubtless win again a week from Sunday? Now, let's see...
He's won it several times, I think. That's right. He's won it three
More times than Eli Manning has, and doubtless, furthermore,
Upon the third of February, he will make it four...
Which would have been no story, if the photo hadn't run,
And if the caption writer hadn't started all the fun
By calling Brady "girlie man" because he wore a boot
And carried flowers for Giselle. Forget the winner's loot...
Tom Brady and his mates, on this year's Super Sunday will
Defeat the New York Giants by one hundred eight to nil.

This program aired on January 24, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.

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