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Uprooting the Seattle Sonics, Building a Basketball Franchise, and Free Sledding (3/1/2008)27:07

This article is more than 12 years old.

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Will the Sonics leave Seattle? And, if so, will it be sooner or later before they re-settle in Oklahama? Get it? Sooner? We'll have that story this week on Only A Game. Also, free sledding grabs winter sports enthusiasts by the knees.

Seattle Plays the Waiting Game
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As owner Clay Bennett tries to cut his ties with Seattle, fans of the SuperSonics are bracing themselves for a possible move to Oklahoma City. Bill Littlefield talks to Art Thiel of the Seattle Post-Intellignecer about the Sonics' chances of staying put in Seattle, and what might fill the void if they leave.

Who Wants A Pro Basketball Team?
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Seattle may not be the right place for the Sonics, and on Tuesday, they could move one step closer to securing a new home. Greg Echiln reports from Oklahoma City as residents get ready to vote on whether or not they actually want an NBA franchise.

Tribute To A Legend
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W.C. Heinz, celebrated sportswriter, died earlier this week. Bill Littlefield talks with Jeff MacGregor, who profiled Heinz for Sports Illustrated, about the work and life of the writer who truly left his mark on sports, and on writing.

"The Franchise"
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LeBron James is undeniably the motor running the Cleveland Cavaliers, and is a prominent face of the NBA. But what about his supporting cast? Bill Littlefield sits down with Terry Pluto, co-author of "The Franchise," to talk about James as an icon, and how the Cavs have constructed a franchise around one very big star.

Basketball Milestones and More, with Charlie Pierce
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Bill Littlefield and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: LeBron James and C. Vivian Stringer making basketball history, re-naming Wrigley Field, and dancing in the aisles with the Florida Marlins.

Staying Balanced
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In light of the World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Elissa Ely comments on the sport's benefit to those who don't take it on full time.

A New Way to Get Down the Mountain
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Skiers and snowboarders beware! Free Sledding is the new game in town on the slopes, and the extreme sport is catching on. Susan Kaplan reports from Vermont on the emergence of this new winter sport.

This program aired on March 1, 2008.

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