"Fairway to Hell"

Whoever thought golf was just a straightforward game of hitting a ball in a hole 18 times will be sorely mistaken after reading Franz Lidz's Fairway To Hell.  This collection of essays will expose the apparent strange and wacky world of golf and will have you laughing the whole way through.

Nobody who read Sports Illustrated during Franz Lidz’s employment there needs to be told that his writing is funny.

Happily, his estimable wit is also evident in Fairway To Hell, a collection of essays apparently assembled to demonstrate how weird golf can be.

Lidz writes about courses where you’re allowed a free lift if your golf ball comes to rest in a hippo foot print. He writes about a man who makes his living retrieving golf balls from water hazards…a vocation which requires him to be heavily armed at all times. Lidz foils a spammer who wishes to send him millions of dollars by suggesting that he and the spammer should both invest in a can’t miss scheme…a rocket golf cart to be powered by corncobs: (“We shall berich ourselves and play golf for the rest of our lives.”)

It has been said often by agents and publishers that nobody buys collections of short essays, particularly if those essays have to do with sports. For the sake of a world in which there can never be too much laughter, I hope those agents and publishers are wrong with regard to Fairway To Hell.

This program aired on May 30, 2008. The audio for this program is not available.

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