Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Possibly the only thing more unexpected than the Tampa Bay Rays success this season is the emergence of the young pitcher, David Price. Price recorded his first World Series win on Thursday, a little more than a month after his major league debut. From member station WUSF in Tampa, Bobbie O’Brien has our story.

Major League Soccer’s 13th season ends this weekend, and the playoffs will begin on Thursday. Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl joins Bill Littlefield for a post-season preview.

Dog racing is illegal in 34 states. Massachusetts isn’t one of them. On November 4, Massachusetts voters will decide whether to join other states which have banned the sport. Only A Game’s Andrea Shea has our report.

What does an American sportswriter do when he is a bit disillusioned with the sports scene in the U.S.? Go to England and explore the cultural phenomena of soccer in the U.K., of course! American author and sportswriter Chuck Culpepper sits down with Bill Littlefield to discuss his English soccer adventure and his new book, Bloody Confused: A Clueless American Seeks Solace in English Soccer.

Bill and Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss: the NFL tries to heal, MLB hopes that someone cares, and Iran is hungry for a record.

Only A Game's Karen Given traveled across the pond to explore the sport of crazy golf at the World Crazy Golf Championships in Hastings, England. Crazy golf is the U.K.'s equivalent of mini-golf and, despite the name, some Brits take the sport very seriously.
View more photos of Crazy Golf.

This program aired on October 25, 2008.


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