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Saturday, November 22, 200827:06

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Texas Tech Football

Our president elect might be among the millions who dislike the BCS system, but soon college football’s super-computers will bestow bowl bids on deserving, and not-so-deserving teams.  Who will come out on top?  Bill Littlefield speaks with USA Today’s Dan Wetzel

Neither Cal Poly nor UC Davis will ever attract a bowl bid, but that doesn’t mean their annual showdown is any less exciting.  Only A Game’s Charlie Schroeder recently attended the annual Battle of the Golden Horseshoe and has our report. Click here to see photographs.

The Major League Soccer champion will be decided this weekend.  It’s down to the consensus best team in the league, the Columbus Crew, and the lucky and red-hot New York Red Bulls.  Michael Lewis of the New York Daily News breaks down the final with Bill.

In his new book, The Fix, Declan Hill maintains that professional soccer is in trouble.  His contention is that match-fixing has occurred and is occurring at the highest levels of the game, a circumstance that could destroy the public’s confidence in soccer’s integrity.  Declan Hill makes his case to Bill.

Major League Baseball’s top honors, college basketball’s biggest upset, and the CBC’s most controversial fishing show.

Giving new meaning to “taking some time off,” 73 year old Ken Mink has returned to college, 52 years after he left.  Not surprisingly, Mr. Mink wanted to pick up where he left off, studying for class, visiting the library, and… sinking free throws for the basketball team?  From Harriman, Tennessee, Only A Game’s Kim Green has our story. Click here to view photographs.

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