Saturday, July 18, 200927:06

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All-Star Baseball

ESPN’s Bonnie D. Ford phones in to update the Tour de France and predicts a winner for what has so far been a refreshingly scandal-free race.

With the conclusion of MLB’s All-Star Game festivities in St. Louis, Only A Game’s Adam Allington looks ahead to next year’s game in Los Angeles, and scrutinizes the effect such an event has on host cities.

Everything seems to be down nowadays.  Stocks, housing prices… and marathon times?  Reed Albergotti of the Wall Street Journal joins Bill to examine the recent trend of what seems to be a faster America.

Certain athletes bring baggage with them wherever they go. Ron Artest and Terrell Owens come to mind. In Grant Wahl’s book “The Beckham Experiment,” it is apparent David Beckham’s baggage corrupted the infrastructure of an organization.

Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce joins Bill to discuss just who is behind some curious wardrobe decisions for professional golfers, a tennis player with a romantic denial, and a young golfer with an unusual good luck charm.

Bill traveled to Lancaster recently to witness the Veteran’s Cup, where people display their age like a badge of pride, and where one 85-year-old participant wears gold shorts.

Driving a Winnebago in itself is probably not the easiest task.  Driving it reverse? Even harder.  Driving it in reverse while blindfolded?  Now that seems like a good idea for a race.  Winnebago Itasca Travelers club manager Doug Formanek joins Bill to discuss the Winnebago Grand National rally.  (Don’t try this at home).

This program aired on July 18, 2009.