Music on Only A Game - 8/15/09

Meu Mundo e Uma Bolla by Yoshie (from Best of Bend It!, Polystar, 1994)

A Brazilian soccer theme (once sung by an international pop sensation named Pele) that translates roughly from the Portugese to "one world and one ball". Soon to be also featured on basketball music anthologies, perhaps.

Wedding Boogie by The Johnny Otis Orchestra (from Rockin' & Rollin' Wedding Songs, Volume 1, Rhino Records, 1992)

In addition to a musician and bandleader, Mr. Otis has apparently been a journalist, politician, radio host, club and coffee shop owner, and he is the father of blues guitarist Shuggie Otis. He also founded a church, where he officiates weddings. As a friend of mine once put it when describing another such Johnnie-of-all-trades, "He's kinda like a renaissance man!"

The Ballad of the Green Berets by Sgt Barry Sadler (from Billboard Top Pop Hits 1966, Rhino Records, 1995)

As emblematic of the Cold War Era as I could find this week, although I'm sure I could have done better with a little more time.

Walkin' and Strippin' by Sonny Lester and His Orchestra (from Take it Off! Strip Tease Classics, Rhino Records, 1997)

From the artist who brought you "Blues to Strip By" and "For Strippers Only". There is no truth to the rumor that Mr. Lester once complained that he was being "stereotyped". That would have been silly.

Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf (from ESPN Presents Jock Rock, Volume 1, Tommy Boy, 1994)

Am I the first producer to select this song for use out of a story of a biker? No way. But I had hoped to find an Indian version of the song, which would have been very cool. Does anyone if one exists?

Trafficscape by Eric Winstone (from Music for TV Dinners, Scamp Records, 1997)

Identified on the liner notes as "A fast paced, noisy and comical tune for avoiding road fatalities". Hence, it should be the Cycle Couriers' International Anthem.

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