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Music on Only A Game 9/26/09

This article is more than 10 years old.

Ever wonder what the heck the musical selections on Only A Game were all about?  Each week Only A Game's Senior Producer Gary Waleik chooses what you hear.  Here's the scoop on this week's selections:

Goal, Goal, Goal by James (from Soccer Rocks the Globe, Mercury, 1994)

Gary's Take: A song titled “A Single, Ludicrous Goal By a Fan Who Ran Out Onto the Field” would have been more to the point, but we can’t be too choosy now, can we?

 Car 54, Where Are You? (from Television’s Greatest Hits, Volume II, TVT, 1990)

Gary's Take:  This suggests the delicious possibility of a TV sit com based on officers of the law who, while out on police business, take the time to smell the roses…or, in this case, to play the Wii video game units they find in the homes of suspects. Any sponsors?

 Maurice Richard by Pierre Letourneau (from YouTube)

Gary's Take:  I have no idea what Monsieur Letourneau is singing because, sadly, I’m not a Francophone. But when you have six lovely Quebecers dancing in Richardesque mini dresses, the song really transcends all language barriers.

I Love to Laugh (from Mary Poppins Movie Soundtrack, Walt Disney Records, 1997)

Gary's Take:  After decades of listening to art rock and all manner of relatively obscure musical genres that sounded like a good at the time, it’s refreshing to listen to the occasional song that’s direct, simple and to the point. Too bad all that ennui made it impossible for me to laugh so many years later.

What are you lookin’ at?!?!?!?

This program aired on September 25, 2009. The audio for this program is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
Gary Waleik is a producer for Only A Game.


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