Sports News ... Well, Sort Of

This article is more than 11 years old.

As regular Only A Game listeners know, the OAG staff sometimes enjoys reporting on the ridiculous side of sports. Every week we sift through piles of stories and pull out the ones that are funny, bizarre, or (at their best) both. Here are two you might have missed:

The Stanley Cup's Frequent Flier Miles

The Stanley Cup, the National Hockey League’s Championship Trophy, failed to make a scheduled appearance in Vancouver this week.

According to Mike Bolt, whose job it is to travel the world with the chippy chalice, the coveted cup flew to Toronto instead…a goof airport officials thought might be attributable to the presence of two contradictory baggage stickers on the package containing the vaunted vase.

Since it was first presented in 1892, the bedazzling bucket has been left in a roadside ditch, dunked in a swimming pool, and dropkicked into a canal, though it has never before decided to fly somewhere it wasn’t supposed to go.

An "Honor" for Kiffin?

Though Lane Kiffin has moved on from his job as head football coach at Tennessee to his job as head football coach at U.S.C., some of the football fans in Tennessee have not. Moved on, that is.

One of them, Knoxville attorney Drew McElroy, is attempting to get the sewage treatment plant in Knoxville named for the coach who fled town just fourteen months after pledging to rebuild the program at Tennessee.

“Lane Kiffin told us he hoped the fans would understand,” Mr. McElroy said. “Naming the waste water plant after him would let him know we do understand, and it would memorialize his stay here appropriately.”

This program aired on January 26, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.