An Opening Day Debate

This week’s e-mail included an especially plaintive comment from Timothea Frost, who hears “Only A Game” on WBUR.

She had heard on the radio that pitchers and catchers were reporting to their spring training camps in Florida and Arizona, and this news caused her to feel “life is good.” It also caused her to check the Red Sox schedule for Opening Day, which is where her delight turned to dismay.

“Opening Day is at night?” she asked rhetorically. She went on to determine that her home team wouldn’t play an actual day game until two weeks after the season began.

“Opening Day should be bright and sunny with the promise of things to come,” she wrote. “It should be a day you miss school and work, and people are envious of you. And not only is Opening Day at night, it’s on a Sunday night, so young children, who want to watch the game, will either be in bed or they’ll be exhausted at school the next day.”

Ms. Frost ended her e-mail with “Way to ruin a good thing, Major League Baseball.”

Do you, too, yearn for a time when Opening Day actually occurred in the sunlight?

Or did you long ago surrender whatever romantic, pastoral notions you might have had about The Great American Pastime to the acceptance that maximizing profits would trump tradition?

We invite you to join the discussion of this particular loss of Americana.

This program aired on February 18, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.


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