Heaps o' Hugs & Curling Fashion Sense

Heaps O' Hugs

In the wake of Valentine’s Day, Jeff Ondash embraced a new world hugging record.

Ondash, who goes by the name Teddy McHuggin, clutched, grabbed or surrounded with his arms seven thousand seven hundred seventy seven people in twenty four hours. As he did so, his daughter, Carlie, counted the hugs, thereby establishing a new record for embarrassment inflicted on a child by a parent…or so it would seem to me.

Anyway, Ondash, aka McHuggin, achieved his record in Las Vegas while wearing a NASCAR-style driver’s suit covered with hugging logos, whatever they might be, and wore a wrestling-style championship belt, which is pretty much all he needed to do to merit mention on a program ostensibly concerned with sports.

Read more and see photos of McHuggin in action here.

Curling Fashion Sense

An unlikely connection between golf and curling was established at the Vancouver Olympics when the members of the men’s curling team from Norway revealed the inspiration for and source of their new uniform pants.

The curlers purchased their training trousers from Loudmouth Golf, the same company that supplies golf John Daly with the garish pants he favors. The Norwegians have been curling and sweeping in pants that feature a blue, grey, white, and red diamond pattern. Nor is this the first time those nutty Norwegians have pulled off some sort of spectacular sartorial stunt. At a tournament last winter, they all wore pink belts.

Whoa, Nellie. Or, whoa, Norway.

Said one of the Norwegian curlers, “There are no rules against the pants, but there may be after this.”

To see the pants and read more, click here.


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