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Hockey on the Moon (The Cold War) by The Zambonis (from 100% Hockey…and Other Stuff, Tarquin Records, 1995)

The gregarious Mike Eruzione, a member of the 1980 Gold Medal winning US hockey team, is twice mentioned in the lyrics to this most excellent song. It would be a worthy research project to see which, if any, of his teammates are also mentioned in popular song.

Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster by Akira Ifukube (from The Monster Movie Music Album, Silva Screen Records, 1998)

This music choice again betrays my misspent youth watching Creature Double Feature on the weekends. Ah, to once again be young and innocent and reveling in the wanton destruction of shabby cities and really dumb armies.

Where Did You Get Those Pants by Brandon Ayre (from The Golf Album, 18 Songs, 2001)

We used this once out of a story about golf. It’s nice that the song is up for double duty after the Norwegian Curling team went for one of Loudmouth Golf’s more garish concoctions. If you haven’t seen their website, you should.

University of Arkansas Fight Song by The USC Trojan Marching Band (from Fight Songs, Delta, 1989) 

What, you thought I would select the Western Texas Junior College Fight Song?

Let’s Just Get Naked by Joan Osborne (from Relish, Island/mercury, 1995) 


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