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ATMs Are Soooo Convenient

The cash machines in Moscow weigh 200 pounds, so it takes a big man to haul one out of a store. On March 5, such a man did, in fact, make off with such a machine containing approximately 25,000 rubles, which sounds like more than the $838 (U.S.) to which it is equivalent.

So, if you knew that the miscreant was an athlete, what sort of athlete do you suppose he’d be?

A jockey? Not likely. A cross-county skier, perhaps? A diver? Naaah.

The fellow who hauled the cash machine off on his shoulders told police he was a professional sumo wrestler.

Apparently fearless, they arrested him anyway.

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Oh (Man), Canada

“Oh, Canada! Glorious and Free!”

How often did that anthem ring out over the hills and valleys and rinks and runs of Vancouver?

Why, 14 times, as it turned out, and that was enough for some legislators in Ottawa to start wondering if the line “True patriot love in all they sons’ command” was sexist.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced an offer to listen to Canadians regarding whether the line should be changed, and, nearly as one, the citizens said, “No!” Except for the ones who said “Non!”

And so if Canada wins a bunch more gold medals at the Summer Games in London or perhaps the next Winter Games in Russia, “sons” will endure…even if the medal winners are daughters.

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