Stop that Cheese! / Packer Pints

Stop that Cheese!

For almost 200 years, the Whitsun cheese rolling has been an annual tradition.

The event has encouraged generations of men and women to tumble down a steep hill in Great Britain’s Cotswolds in pursuit of rolling wheels of Double Gloucester Cheese.

A good time has generally been had by all, except for those sustaining injury, either because they have fallen, been pushed, or been struck by the 7-pound cheese wheels, which have been known to achieve a speed of 70 miles an hour as they careen into the crowd of bystanders.

But not this year. Because of the large and unruly crowd and the number of people creamed at last year’s event, the Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Committee has churned out the decision to slice their event out of Britain’s sports culture.

To see some amazing photos and video of the event, click here.

Packer Pints

So, a guy sells his blood to pay for his season’s tickets to Green Bay Packers' games.

This would seem extreme, especially since the guy ends up selling 145 pints of his blood in order to attend Packers’ games for 56 years.

But then the guy, whose name is Jim Becker, has a doctor who figures out that the reason Jim Becker’s father died when he was only 43 was that his blood was retaining too much iron. It seems the only treatment for this rare condition, which is hereditary, is giving blood. A lot.

So the Packers can thank Jim Becker for his loyalty…and Jim Becker, who is 79, can maybe  thank the Packers for his longevity.

To read more about Jim Becker's love for the Packers, click here.

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