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Music Blog 4/17/2010

This article is more than 10 years old.

On, Wisconsin by The All-American Marching Band (from Fight On: The Greatest College Fight Songs, LaserLight, 1993)

It was either this fight song classic or Nike Victory March. I went with the winner…FOR NOW!!! DUNH, DUNH, DUNH!!

When We Get Married by The Dreamlovers (from Rockin’ & Rollin’ Wedding Songs. Vol. 1, Rhino, 1992)

Is there a niche subject Rhino didn’t anthologize? How I miss the ‘90’s…

Seattle by Public Image Ltd. (from The Greatest Hits, So Far)

I saw P.I.L. play Boston in October 1982, with Keith Levine on guitar. He seemed miserable, as did drummer Martin Atkins. I later learned that the two despised each other. Bassist Jah Wobble sat on a chair throughout the set and hid behind sunglasses. Still, they sounded great. Drum sticks were thrown, beer was passed from John Lydon to underage members of the all-ages crowd, the opening band (featuring future beastie Boys star Adam Horowitz) was booed off of the Channel’s stage, the audience was whipped into near riot-level frenzy and it was some good, ludicrous Reagan-era angst. I can say that now and laugh about it, but I vaguely remember how tense and ominous it all seemed at the time.
Have I mentioned that I also like Lawrence Welk?

Keep Right Till the End of the Road by The Delta Soccer Lads (from Football Fever!, Delta Music, 1998)

Shouldn’t the DSL’s be imploring British soccer fans to keep left ‘til the end of the road? Blimey, mate, I’m getting knackered just try to stay sussed…

Big Bass Blues by Brown Trout and the Lunkers (from Untangled, Lunker Records, 1994)

This record, their only collection of all-fishing songs, was released 16 years ago. I did a Brown Trout and the Lunkers story for OAG back in September 2001. So what have the Lunkers been doing in the meantime? They have a golden opportunity to corner the lucrative Angling Music market, and it would appear the Lunkers, those lazy bums, are doing little more than fishing.
Never mind.

Hasidim Tants by Klezmaniacs (from Oy Vey Rebenyu, Oasis, 2004)

Currently available for bar or bat mitzvahs, brisses, Hasidic dances, private functions and, now, public radio.
From Metrowest’s finest, namely Cantor Ken Richmond and Shira Shazeer, whom I’m lucky to know and to hear sing from time to time.

This program aired on April 16, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
Gary Waleik is a producer for Only A Game.


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