Tough Moms / Ten-Pin Prodigy

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Tough Moms

Mother's Day is for flowers and a sweet card.

Mother's Day is for taking Mom out to brunch.

Unless you were in Huancayo, Peru last Sunday, in which case Mother's Day was for boxing. Sports promoters in Huancayo invited moms to lace up the gloves and whack away at each other. Ten women took up the challenge, which was reportedly inspired by the success of the current world flyweight champion, a Peruvian named Kina Malpartida.

About 200 spectators watched as several of the participating moms, wearing traditional embroidered skirts instead of boxing shorts, got clocked hard enough so that they hit the canvas, which, in this case, was actually grass…so was this really boxing?

To read more about the matronly matches from the Boston Globe click: here.

Ten-Pin Prodigy

Kamron Doyle of Brentwood, TN, first became interested in bowling when he was 7. That was five years ago.

On Sunday, Mr. Doyle earned his first check in a pro bowling tournament, the Canton Regional Open, when he finished 30th and pocketed $400.

Well, not “pocketed,” actually, because Mr. Doyle, now 12, isn’t a professional, so the check was deposited in a scholarship account to be tapped at some later date, which is fine, I guess, except that how’s the kid gonna buy beer and cigarettes?

Because this is bowling, right?

To see photos and video of Doyle and read about one writer's attempt to challenge him, check out this article from

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