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Kobe Bryant points during the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers' Game 2 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)
Kobe Bryant points during the first half of the Los Angeles Lakers' Game 2 victory over the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)’s Kevin Hench joins Bill to weigh in on the NBA Playoffs, including The Curious Case of the seemingly ageless Boston Celtics, where LeBron James will end up, and whether the Lakers really are unbeatable.In 1986, Diego Maradona led the Argentina soccer team to its second World Cup victory and became one of the most revered men in the country. But since that magnificent performance, Maradona has appeared in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. As coach this year, Maradona will try to lead Argentina to its first title since his infamous “Hand of God” goal 24 years ago. Only A Game’s Ian Mount reports on a national legend attempting to put his troubled past behind him.

Bill gives the latest on the NHL Playoffs this weekend as the Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadiens try to advance to the first all original six Stanley Cup final in more than 30 years. But the San Jose Sharks and Philadelphia Flyers have other ideas.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame officially opened in Charlotte last week. Bill chats with Sports Illustrated writer Brant James about the first class of inductees and why it took so long for NASCAR to get its own Hall of Fame.

The guys in NASCAR pit crews may not be the ones jumping on the podium and spilling milk all over their jumpsuits, but any driver will tell you that the crew is just as important as the person behind the wheel. At the Pit Crew Challenge, these less heralded athletes get their chance to steal the spotlight for a while. Only A Game’s Dave DeWitt has the story.

Cyclist Floyd Landis admitted this week that he used performance enhancing drugs many times throughout his career. Worse, he lied to Bill and denied using PEDs in an interview three years ago. Bill provides his commentary on Landis’s confession.

Only A Game analyst Charlie Pierce stops by to talk basketball and hockey playoffs, more offseason drama for Brett Favre, Bill’s new calling in England and more from the past week in sports.

Everyone would agree that Henry Aaron was one of the best hitters ever to play baseball. But in his book, The Last Hero, Howard Bryant describes Aaron’s struggle to be remembered by something more than just his 755 home runs. Bill speaks to Bryant about the new book.

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