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Back to Chicago by Johnny Young (from Modern Chicago Blues, Testament Records, 1994)

Blackhawks? I thought one of the teams competing for the Stanley Cup this year were the Blueshawks…

Pac Man Theme by ??? (from the video game)

I remember playing this for the first time with my cousin Jessica. I think she was 9 at the time. She beat me. Harumph…
Here’s a fun, apparently home recording:


Back Home by the 1970 England World Cup Team (Pye Records 45rpm single, 1970)

This song apparently began a long-standing tradition of English squads rallying their countrymen to fever peaks of soccer love through music. That’s funny, because Team England would fail to qualify for the World Cup in 1974 and 1978.


Bird Doggin’ by Gene Vincent (from Original Hits of the 50’s and 60’s, Nesak Records, 1996)

If every poochie had an ocean…
I used to think the opening line of the Beach Boys’ Surfin’ USA (or Chuck Berry’s Surfin’ USA to you delightful music lawyer types) was:

If everybody had a notion across the USA

As a youngster I had lots of notions, which perhaps explains the misinterpretation.


Little Hot Rod Suzie by Randy and the Rainbows (from Rev It Up, The Right Stuff, 1997)

These Knickerbocker State doo woppers can still be seen and heard on those PBS doo wop fests so popular during public TV fund drives. We here in the Realm of Mostly Audio think this is funny, but maybe we’re overlooking a good opportunity. Should we be pleading for your support while regaling you with romantic ditties by the likes of The Corsairs, The Dynamics and Vito and the Salutations?

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