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The Thin Air by Magazine (from Secondhand Daylight, Virgin Records, 1979)

A mostly underappreciated band from the late 70’s. They hailed from Manchester, which spawned quite a few fantastic bands. Here are some of the others:

The Buzzcocks
The Fall
Joy Division
The Hollies
The Bee Gees

Here are some of the other well-known ones that I think are notable but somewhat less than fantastic:

The Smiths
Happy Mondays
The Stone Roses
Inspiral Carpets
Simply Red
The Verve
New Order

Oh, and here’s one that just flat out stinks:

Herman’s Hermits

Hail Manchester!

The Pony Soldiers (from The Power and the Glory: The Original Music and Voices of NFL Films, Tommy Boy, 1998)

Dah, dah…dah! Duhn, duhn, duhn…NFL Films!

I Love Mickey by Mickey Mantle and Teresa Brewer (from baseball’s Greatest Hits, Rhino, 1989)

I love the vocal cameo by the Mick himself. An easy gig, that. Just utter an atonal “Mickey who?” and collect the paycheck and move on!

Singapore National Anthem by Slovak Symphony Orchestra (from Complete National Anthems of the World, Marco Polo, 1998)

“Of the many, many renditions of this masterpiece, I find this one to almost certainly be the best ever recorded. The conductor doesn't race the finale as many people do - he allows the triumphant theme to shine in all its majesty. The ending of the first movement has an electric effect on me every time I hear it. The unrelenting feeling to the music is indescribably powerful. Be aware, however, that some people find this performance too angry or grim.”

Ooops. Sorry. I accidentally pasted in my review of The Vienna Philharmonic’s 1975 recording of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony.


This program aired on December 4, 2010. The audio for this program is not available.

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