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Elected by Alice Cooper (from Billion Dollar Babies, Warner Bros., 1973)

Note to Sepp Blatter: commission an original musical work celebrating your FIFA presidency. That will make you seem more, er, presidential, even to the skeptics. I hear Andrew Lloyd Webber is available. Maybe Alice Cooper.Starvin' for Your Kisses by Paul Thorn (from A Long Way From Tupelo, Perpetual Obscurity Records, 2008)

Perpetual Obscurity Records? The last thing any fringe musical artist should do is stack the deck against any possible notoriety. And I should know.

The Intimidator by Drivin' Sideways (from Drivin' Sideways, Eagle Records, 1996)

Gosh, there are lots of gerund-endin' apostrophes this week. Jus' sayin'…

Shot…Score! By The Zambonis (from 100% Hockey and Other Stuff, Tarquin Records, 2000)

I wonder if they've looped this :42 second song for the ongoing Longest Hockey Game in the World? And I wonder if they've all gone mad.

It's More Fun to Compute by Kraftwerk (from Computer World, WEA International, 2006)

It really is, when you think about it. Or when you compute. At least my new best friend, Watson, thinks so.

Thusday Night Fishing Club by Thursday Night Fishing Club (from Thursday Night Fishing Club, available online here:

Did we also mention Thursday Night Fishing Club?

This segment aired on February 19, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

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