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Derek Moore, who listens to "Only A Game" on his I-Pod in La Crescent, Minnesota, e-mailed this week with a correction.

"I always find your program excellent, informative, and incredibly accurate," he wrote. Then he added, "Well, until now. On your great interview with Tim Wakefield, you mentioned that he won two games in the World Series during his rookie year, 1992. Actually, he won two quite brilliantly pitched games over my beloved Atlanta Braves in the National League Championship Series that year."

Mr. Moore is right, as were the other people who wrote to correct my mistake. I can't excuse it, and can only explain it by saying that when I was a boy, the only post-season baseball was the World Series, and that's a stupid explanation.

Ernie Henninger, who hears the program on WEKU in Lexington, Kentucky, e-mailed to say that although he feels "Only A Game" "makes the weekend special," he's weary of the sarcasm and "nastiness" he heard two weeks ago from our NBA analyst, Kevin Hench, and then again last week from our NHL analyst, Helene Elliot.

"Raising hackles seems to be the modus operandi these days," Mr. Henninger wrote. "But it's beneath the standards of your show."

Gee, it's a good thing Mr. Henninger was getting more coffee or something when it was time for me to talk to Charlie Pierce.

Sean Means, a resident of Salt Lake City, was upset about our choice of material for last week's program. "An hour to talk about the biggest news in sports, and not a word about the historic soccer game between Mexico's Monterrey and Major League Soccer's Real Salt Lake?" Mr. Means wrote. "You will have a chance to rectify this oversight by covering Wednesday's match at Rio Tinto Stadium in Salt Lake."

Patience, Mr. Means.

I hope he was listening to the conversation I just had with Grant Wahl.

And finally, William Nagahiro e-mailed as follows: "Only A Game is one of my favorites: funny, informative, and intelligent. But I would like to know the name of the host, which is seldom mentioned. I do appreciate his modesty. Maybe that's why his name isn't all over the place."

I have nothing to hide, Mr. Nagahiro. I'm Host X. Nah, I'm Bill Littlefield, and you can reach me and my colleagues through the or leave a message on the listener line by calling 617-353-1860. You can find us on facebook and follow us on twitter at Only A Game radio.

This segment aired on April 30, 2011.


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