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Dallas Mavericks Song 2011 (courtesy of youtube)

"…pass it to Dirk, who'll bust a shot like a commode"? Why can't they write songs like Henry Mancini did back in the day?

Something for Cat by Henry Mancini and His Orchestra (from Mallets in Wonderland: The History of Space Age Pop, Vol. 2, RCA, 1995)

That's more like it.Many Faces by River Yamuna; the Karnataka College of Percussion, Music of the World, 1997)

I left my Kinks cd at home.

Devil's Haircut by Beck (from Odelay, Geffen, 1996)

Why have a devil's haircut in one's mind, when one can have a devil's haircut for real?
Dangerous, indeed.

This segment aired on May 14, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.


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