Music On Only A Game

(from Happy Birthday to Me, Reprise, 1997)

Music from Only A Game
Music from Only A Game

You and Your Parrot by the Muffs

I was once in a band with a guy, a funny guy, who claimed to have hung out with Kim Shattuck once. Lucky guy. He's a good bass player, too.

Battle with the Galleon by Erich Wolfgang Korngold (from Captain Blood Soundtrack, Soundtrack Factory, 2000)

(Insert your own pirate humor here)

Shoot Pass Slam by Shaquille O'Neal (from Shaq Diesel, Jive, 1993)

Good thing The Big Retired Aristotle has his rap music to fall back on. It's so tough on these retired athletes when those bills start rolling in.

Pushin' A Broom by David Holmes (from Free Association, 13 Amp, 2003)

So you free associate, and what you come up with is a song about pushing a broom? This guy needs more practice at the free associating.

Passing Days by Elway (from Delusions, Red Scare, 2011)

John Elway doesn’t like that these guys have named their band after him. What, "Favre", "Palmer" or "Tittle" would be better?
Silly Elway.

Harlem Fuss by Fats Waller (from The Essential Collection, Avid, 2006)

There's no shortage of songs with "Harlem" in the title. It's like there was some kinda Renaissance there, or something.

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Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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