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Free agent running back Reggie Bush bobbles the ball during an NFL football game in January 2011. (AP)
Free agent running back Reggie Bush bobbles the ball during an NFL football game in January 2011. (AP)

Now that the NFL is gearing up for the 2011 season, some of the league's most colorful and/or controversial athletes are finding new homes. Chad Ochocinco was spotted at the Patriots' training camp even before his deal with New England was signed. Matt Hasselbeck has packed his bags for Tennessee, where the veteran will school rookie Jake Locker.

While Albert Haynesworth was sorely unwanted with the Redskins, the Washington Post's Dan Steinberg believes that New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick may be able to help his new defensive tackle turn things around. "Belichick obviously has a track record of helping controversial players shine," Steinberg told Bill Littlefield in an interview this week. However, Steinberg insists that Haynesworth will certainly be difficult to tame, as he is joining a team that utilizes the very defense with which Haynesworth so adamantly disagreed.

Celebrity running back Reggie Bush is headed to Florida, and Miami Herald's Jeff Darlington says that the excitement surrounding Bush's arrival can be attributed to more than just his athletic skill. "[Bush] is not just a football player. He's a full time celebrity," Darlington mentioned in his conversation with Bill Littlefield. "Look at his twitter account. 1.8 million views."

Quarterback Donovan McNabb spent his disappointing 2010 season with Albert Haynesworth and the Washington Redskins, and is hoping to reclaim his star status when he plays for the Minnesota Vikings this coming season. Mark Craig of the Minnesota Star Tribune is unsure how the addition of McNabb will pan out for the Vikings. He told Bill Littlefield that he is taking a "wait and see approach" when trying to predict how McNabb's season will go.

This segment aired on July 30, 2011.


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