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The Cardinals and Mr. Hornsby by The National Pastime Orchestra (from A Century of Baseball in Song, Vol. 1, The Sporting News, 1989)

Tell me no tales of this Musial whippersnapper! I can say without fear of contradiction that the gent known to most as "Mr. Hornsby" (but who his friends, like myself, call "Rogers" or sometimes even "Rog") is the greatest ball-player ever to grace a diamond. And I shall eat the derby of a certain Kenesaw Mountain Landis if you can prove otherwise!

Scrabble by Lorraine Feather (from Ages, Jazzed Media, 2010)

Replete with the lyric:

Happy day! Got a major play. Am I doing it?

Yes I am, I'm spelling out “OXAZEPAM.”

That's a tranquilizer—392 points!

Gee, I hope she started on the triple word score square.

Lucky Seven by Syd Dale (from Ready Steady Boogaloo! Amphonic Grooves for Carnaby Chicks and Cool Steppers, Amphonic, 1998)

The sounds backs in 1998 were so much groovier.

This segment aired on October 22, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.


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