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Sheep Go To Heaven by Cake (from Prolonging the Magic, Volcano, 1998)

Wow, our first song with EXPLICIT LYRICS! Not that we could use the naughty parts of the song in the program but it's still pretty daring of us, right? Right?

Big Train by Max Greger and His Orchestra (from Essential Groovy Jazz Masters, Master Classics Records, 2011)

Coning at you once again with the tomorrow sounds of today…or yesterday sounds of tomorrow….or the today sounds of yesterday.

Whenever this is happening, whatever you're hearing…it's all totally mod a-go-go, so what's the difference, anyway?

Monday Night Football Theme (from Television's Greatest Hits, Vol 6: Remote Control, TVT Records, 1996)

Are you ready for some lousy games? Colts/Bucs? Jags/Ravens? Jets/Dolphins? Who is running the show over there at MNF/ESPN, anyway? None of my friends are comin' over tonight.

Sweetness by The Dells (from The Second Time, Urgent!, 1991)

I wish my band sounded like this. Ohhhh, yeeahhhhh.

This segment aired on October 29, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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