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The view outside of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles after Frank McCourt announced late Tuesday that, after reaching an agreement with Major League Baseball, he would be selling one of the sport's most storied franchises.(AP)
The view outside of Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles after Frank McCourt agreed to sell one of the sport's most storied franchises. (AP)

On Tuesday night, troubled LA Dodgers owner Frank McCourt agreed with Major League Baseball on a plan to sell the team. The franchise and its assets could fetch a record $1 billion, which would barely be enough to cover McCourt's debts.

Bill Littlefield spoke with Steve Dilbeck, anchor of the Dodger's blog for the Los Angeles Times, about McCourt's troubled ownership tenure.

"He just piled up debt after debt,"  Dilbeck said.  "And now he's got a divorce settlement with his wife where she gets the first 131 million when they sell.  So this is how you have to sell for a record price to make a couple bucks yourself."

Fans became so disillusioned with the team that the Dodgers offered season ticket holders discounts of up to 60 percent to renew their seats next season. After the news of McCourt's decision to sell, Dodger fans rallied outside the stadium gates on Wednesday night.

"I'm a true Dodger fan, I want more than just playoffs," says one fan. "I want a good family atmosphere at Dodger Stadium, which was lost with McCourt as owner. Hopefully we can get an owner who really cares about us. I mean, I really care about the team, I want that reciprocated."

"It's really disheartening when you go to the games and you don't see anybody there, and you're like the only ones. I mean, there's been games when we're the only people in our section," another fan explains. "We're really glad [that the Dodgers will have a new owner] and we really hope the fans come back. I know it's hard for the players when they see the seats I'm hoping everybody will come back and we'll start getting a good team going again."

This segment aired on November 5, 2011.


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