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Pinch Me by Jerry Ballard (from Skippy 45 RPM #S-120-60, 1961)

Leave it to The World Leader in Obscure Sports (Only A Game) to also provide global leadership in the realm of obscure music. This song hasn't been played since a couple in a Gallup, New Mexico bar slow-danced to it in 1962.

The Dodgers Song by Dick Gaughan and Andy Irvine (from Parallel Lines, Appleseed, 1982)

I like this song, but I would take issue with the assertion that "we're all dodgers", especially since McCourt's hundreds of millions failed to keep him a Dodger.

Twitter Tweetin' by Carrie Dahlby (from YouTube)

This is just a bad remake of Rockin' Robin, which is pretty awful to begin with. I'd complain about this song and how it's my personal musical nightmare but, heck, I chose the darn thing.

California Surfer by D.D. Hope (from Surf Bunnies and Hot Rod Honeys, Phantom Sound and Vision, 1996)

Old surfing obscurities are like promotional keychains…they pop up everywhere, and there's really not much of a need for them.

Master Chef by Downchild Blues Band (from Good Times Guaranteed, Attic Records Limited, 1995)

If I were the Culinary Institute of America's marching band director, I would make this the school's fight song.

Yeeeaahhh, that would be a sweet gig…at least you'd never go hungry.

This segment aired on November 5, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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