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Marlins by Johnny Holiday (from Take Me Out to the Ballgame, 2011)

     Here's the track listing:

1) Angels

2) Braves

3) Cubs

4) Diamondbacks

5) Dodgers

6) Giants

7) Marlins

8) Mets

9) Oakland A's

10)    Phillies

11)    Red Socks

12)    White Sox

Ok, my questions are numerous. Why do versions of this old baseball chestnut for just 12 of MLB's 30 teams. If it's just a matter of (inserting the name here), why not do them all?

And why "Red Socks" and "White Soxx"? Isn't "Sox" good enough?

Tight Rope by All Time High (from Friends in High Places, Small Stone Records, 2010)

Fight by The Rolling Stones (from Dirty Work, Virgin US, 1986)

I really should not get going about the Stones, but is there really any good reason why a band, any band, shouldn’t be able to come up with a good rock song every now and then? Once a decade, maybe? I think the last really good Stones song (and by "really good", I don’t mean really good as compared to the lame disco stuff they've felt compelled to put on each record since 1975) was Hand of Fate, from the Black and Blue album which was, ironically, from 1975.

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies by Angels of Venice (from Sanctus, Trine, 2003)

What is a sugar plum, anyway? Have you ever had a sugar plum? I haven't. Or figgy pudding, either.

Badminton by The Upper Crust (from Once More Into the Breeches, Upper Crust LTD, 2005)

From America's rockingest royalty. Hilarious.

This segment aired on December 10, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.


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