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Bad Dog, No Biscuit by Daron Norwood (from Ready, Willing and Able, Giant/Nashville, 1995)

Wait…isn't there a band called "Bad Do No Biscuit". And did they have a song titled "Daron Norwood"? I'm so confused.

Incognito by The Fathoms (from Tube: Atlantic Surf Essentials, Cherrydisc, 1996)

And just what does the anthologist here have against Pacific surf essentials, anyway? A real surf chauvinist!

Flying Easy by Donny Hathaway (from Extension of a Man, Atco, 1973)

And from the Gift Guide:

Laughter at Christmas by The Superions (from Destination…Christmas!!!, Fanatic Records, 2010)

Laughter, the holidays, rock music…easy living. Ahhh, the magic of Fred Schneider. And he's gotten to be in a band with Kate Pierson for over 30 years. Nice.

Christmas Time is Here by Vince Guaraldi (from A Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack, Fantasy, 2000)

This song is so wonderful because of the bittersweet tinge provided by Guaraldi's musical backdrop. Put the lyrics on a page, read them aloud, and then listen to the song. See what I mean?

Must Be Santa by Kids Rap'n The Christmas Hits (from Kids Rap'n The Christmas Hits, Hip Kiddy Records, 2007)

I can't wait for "Pat Boone Signs Kids Rap'n The Christmas Hits". You just know it's going to happen.

Christmas is Going to the Dogs by Eels (from Have a Very Merry Chrismukkah!, Warner, 2004)

Well, that's just fine…if you're a dog that celebrates Christmas.

Hurry Up and Light the Candles by the Macaroons (from Let's Go Coconuts, JDub Records, 2010)

What a musical career Dave Schneider and pals have carved out for themselves. They start with The Zambonis, the world's greatest all-hockey band, then he moves on to The Leevees, an excellent duo that sings original Chanukah songs. Now the Macaroons, which play kids' songs with a Jewish theme. Excellent! I salute you.

What next, Dave? Songs about Malta, rotary-dial telephones or Thai food?

We Wish You the Merriest by Les Brown and His Orchestra (from Those Days of Christmas, Dobre Records, 2009)

Note that this is not with Brown's Band of Renown. They were merely "his". They were good, though.

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