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Sweet Georgia Brown by Roy Rogers (from Happy Trails, Rhino, 1999)

Rather than go with the classic version by Brother Bones and His Shadows, we thought we'd share this version by the King of the Cowboys.

It was either this or the less widely known 28 minute rendition by The Polyphonic Spree.

Ginger Bread by Frankie Avalon (from 25 All Time Greatest Hits, Varese Sarabande, 2002)

The lyric is perfect for our feature on Atlanta's Gingerbread Trailer Park Contest:

You're full of sugar, you're full of spice.
You're kinda naughty but you're naughty and nice. 

The Parasailing Donkey Will Fly No More by Bill Littlefield (from Lonesome Billy Sings Songs of the Animals Who Would Be Sports Heroes, Hammered Dulcimer Records, 1967)

If you think Bill’s talents end at doggerel and carefully crafted radio prose, well, you’re wrong. He’s been an underappreciated Country and Western singer since the summer of 1967, when he worked Utah slate mines while his contemporaries basked in the Summer of Love. Bill wrote and sang this poignant saga of the Beast of Burden Who Dared to Dream…and parasail! It just sounds so TNN-ready to me.

Instant Replay by Mico Wave (from Six Degres of P-Funk: The Best of George Clinton and His Funk Family, Epic/Legacy, 2003)

But, really, aren’t we all members of George Clinton's Funk Family?

Poker Face by Vitamin String Quartet (from VSQ Performs Lady Gaga, Vitamin Records, 2010)

Is the VSQ violist required to wear a meat garment to get into the Gaga mood? Can the cellist maneuver the bow around his/her exploding teddy and Saturn headdress?

Eternity Part 1 by Yoga (from Music for Harmony and Balance, The John Perotti Personal Collection of Music for Kick-Hind Quarters Yoga Poses)

This is music to which to do the Beached Whale, the Angry Chicken and the Cow-Face Posture. Just ask Perotti. Actually, I have no idea what this music really is. Grooveshark lists the band name as “Yoga”, but I have my doubts. If any Yogistas can clear this up, we’d appreciate it.

Elected by Alice Cooper (from Billion Dollar Babies, Warner Bros., 1973)

Note to Sepp Blatter: commission an original musical work celebrating your FIFA presidency. That will make you seem more, er, presidential, even to the skeptics. I hear Andrew Lloyd Webber is available. Maybe Alice Cooper.

This segment aired on December 29, 2011. The audio for this segment is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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