The NFL Playoffs With Gregg Doyel

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Drew Brees leads New Orleans' high-powered passing attack against Detroit this weekend. (AP)
Drew Brees leads New Orleans' high-powered passing attack against Detroit this weekend. (AP)

This weekend, the NFL Playoffs kick off with the Wild Card round. Eight teams will be in action, looking to advance to Round 2 against the waiting juggernauts of the league, including Green Bay and New England. Gregg Doyel of joins Bill this week to preview Round 1 of the playoffs and look at other news around the NFL.

Doyel doesn't particularly like Detroit's chances against New Orleans on Saturday night. He said, "The Lions are really good, but they're playing one of the two teams that they can't beat, the Packers are the other one. They gave up 480 passing yards last week to Green Bay's backup quarterback Matt Flynn. What is Drew Brees going to do to them at home?"

Bill doesn't have a very strong grasp on the Atlanta-New York match up, something that he has in common with many other sports fans across the country. He asked Doyel about it.

"If it's close, the Giants will win. Eli Manning is embattled. In the fourth quarter this year, he's been spectacular. He's got the highest passer rating in the fourth quarter of any quarterback. If the game is close, he'll pull it out."

A normal postseason staple, the Indianapolis Colts, didn't even come close to the playoffs after star quarterback Peyton Manning suffered a season-ending injury. They now own the rights to the number one selection in April's draft, which features a tremendous quarterback prospect in Stanford's Andrew Luck. Doyel said the Colts are faced with an incredibly tough decision over whether to keep Manning or not.

"Peyton Manning is a legend and a hero, and also has a hospital in his name in Indianapolis. To just unceremoniously dump him - I'm not sure the Colts can do that."

Doyel said the favorite in this postseason is the Packers.

"They're almost unbeatable. I think the only team that has a shot against them is the Saints," Doyel said. "They'll play first team to 60 wins, and the Packers will get there first."

This segment aired on January 7, 2012.


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