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Pop Star by Ken Hirai (from DefStar single, 2005)

This was a single, but it should also be on a record titled "Super Terrific Pop Star Pop Songs about Pop Stars for People Who Love Pop Stars EXPLOSION SUPER CRAZY!!!"

Baseball Blues by George Winston (from Diamond Cuts: Bottom of the Fifth, Hungry for Music, 2002)

I have a friend who hates baseball. He plays this song once a year just before Opening Day.

Bargains Galore by Stuart Crombie and Dennis Berry (from Music for TV Dinners, Scamp, 1997)

More 60's kitsch that makes one pine for the 90's, when yachtloads of lounge music collections were compiled and offered to hoards of adoring loungers.

Oktoberfest by Musical Rainha (from Tira al Tristeza)

And who better to sing about German festivals involving lots of beer drinking? It's The Boy Band from Brazil!

Gimme a Pigfoot (And A Bottle of Beer) by Bessie Smith (from Bessie Smith Sings Them Dirty Blues, Grammercy Records, 2008)

This is probably the least dirty of them dirty blues, but the last thing I would want is for John Q. Law coming down on your humble servants here at the Sports Shoppe.

The Golf Song by The Arrogant Worms (from Toast!, Festival, 2008)

I like this song, even though I much prefer humble worms. Arrogant worms are notorius for poor golf etiquette and for slithering out onto sidewalks after a good, soaking rain and mocking old people. Bad stuff like that.





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