Music On Only A Game

Music On Only A Game

William Tell by Bob Wills (from Lone Star Rag, Hallmark, 2011)

The title of the song seems odd with the omission of "Overture", and the artist's name feels incomplete without "and His Texas Playboys". But this is nonetheless correct.

National Anthem of Great Britain by National Rock Anthem Project (from G8 Rock Anthems, Shivasound, 2011)

G8 Rock Anthems? This suggests an entirely new sub-sub-sub-subgenre: Summit Rock! Imagine the possible record titles:

EU Summiting With Eurythmics

Songs of Salt II by King Missile

Woody Guthrie Plays Yalta

Congress of Vienna Nights with Andre Rieu

Hey, this is fun. Can you come up with any?

Fishing Tales by Fitz Morris (from D 7" single, 1960)

Wait, is this Fitz Morris or some guy named Fitzmorris?

Black Mountain Rag by Doc Watson (from Doc Watson, Vanguard, 1991)

On the wonderful triple-record titled Will the Circle Be Unbroken, on which the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band plays standards with old-time bluegrass legends (including Roy Acuff, Maybelle Carter and Earl Scruggs), there's a wonderful exchange between Doc Watson and Merle Travis. After some initial nervousness, Doc gets personal. "I named my boy after you. I figured some of that good pickin' might rub off on him." "Looks who's talking", Travis very quietly said. Apparently, he was a master of understatement as well as of the guitar.

And now Doc must be pickin' some of that good pickin' right along with Merle Jr., Merle Sr. and the angels.


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