Music On Only A Game

Music On Only A Game

Summon the Heroes by John Williams (from Summon the Heroes, Sony, 1996)

This is for you, loyal listener, who has heard this quadrennial canticle (actually, biennial!) on our program since the Lillehammer games. Whether it's accompanying stories of dreamy doctors on skis or 5 time Olympic skeet champions, it always works.

Singing in the Shower by Sandra Boynton (from Blue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits From Way Back Never, New Rounder, 2010)

Boynton's It's Pajama Time is the greatest book ever written. No, seriously. It is.

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah by Johnny Mercer (from Collector's Series, Capitol, 1989)

A prolific and prolifically great songwriter, Mercer was also the cofounder of Capitol Records, so I suppose we have him to thanks for the Beatles and Beach Boys as well.

Mary Poppins Overture (from Original Movie Soundtrack, Walt Disney Records, 1964)

A spoonful of "sugar" helps the Olympian compete, the Olympian compete the Olympian compete...

This segment aired on August 4, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.

Gary Waleik Producer, Only A Game
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