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The National Anthem of USA by Audio Idols (from At the Super Bowl, No Milk Today, 2011)

I thought it was that thing by Lee Greenwood.

Mike Tyson's Punchout Theme (from YouTube)

This brings back many memories…some good, some bad…of eating big bowls of cold rice in my Mom's basement, battling the fiendish Bald Bull, Don Flamenco and King Hippo. Not to mention Iron Mike himself.

Bull Moose by Firing Squad (from Underground '60's Invasion, Goldenlane, 2009)

Who knew that the British Invasion took place in 2009?

The Man in Me by Bob Dylan (from New Morning, Columbia, 1970)

In retrospect, this song was destined to be on the Big Lebowski Soundtrack, wasn’t it? I said so back then…when I was 8 years old…

Ultimate Frisbee by Parry Gripp (from Frozen Banana, 2009)

I'm beginning to think that "Parry Gripp" is John Perotti's pseudonym. Why else would he use a Parry Gripp song every other week…other than the fact that they're superb.

This segment aired on August 11, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.

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