Music On Only A Game

Music On Only A Game

Wonderful Christmastime by The Shins (from Holidays Rule, Hear Music, 2012)

 This is a heck of a lot better than listening to Macca use this song as a guinea pig while he fumbles his way through the cheesiest synth sounds of 1979, a year that featured many horrid synth sounds.


Northern Illinois Fight Song (from YouTube )

The Southern Illinois fight song is a little warmer sounding.

Life on the Wildside (from The Power and the Glory: The Original Music and Voices of NFL Films, Rhino/Ada, 1998)

Other than the Zambonis' More Songs About Hockey…and Buildings and Food, this must be the all-time most played CD in the formidable Only A Game Sports Music Library.

Shopping Spree by Everest Concert Orchestra (from Music Tailored to Your Taste, Essential Media Group, 2010)

So appropriate to the season.

And this year's Gift Guide Songs: 

Winter Wonderland by Funk Brothers (Motown Christmas Vol. 2, Motown, 2001)

Happy Hanukkah by Matisyahu (from Happy Hanukkah, Fallen Sparks Records, 2012)

Jingle Bells by Merle Haggard (from Hag's Christmas, Capitol Nashville, 2007)

Deck the Halls by Wes Edmonson (from Techno Christmas, IMI, 2010)

Icelandic Christmas Song (from YouTube )

Holiday Baby by Fat Daddy (from Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party, Tramp Records, 2011)

We hope you like this year's Gift Guide and the music selections found therein! (Karen Given gets credit for finding the Icelandic carol!)

This segment aired on December 8, 2012. The audio for this segment is not available.


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