Littlefield: College Bowl Names Worthy Of Verse

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Famous Idaho Potato Bowl Logo.  (PRNewsFoto/The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl)
The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl logo artfully combines football and potatoes ... with a touch of sour cream. (PRNewsFoto/The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl)

The Idaho Potato Bowl has "Famous" in its name,
The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, but just the same.
It's over, it was played in Boise, on that odd blue lawn.
Toledo lost to Utah State, and in the next day's dawn,
They went back to Ohio, and I hope they had some fun.
They would have gone back to Ohio, even if they'd won.

This weekend's bowls include the mighty MAACO in Las Vegas,
A venue known to some with empty pockets as "Lost Wages."
And Boise State will be there, and I'm sure that they'll be tough…
I guess that that Potato Bowl was not famous enough
To keep the boys in Boise home, so they'll be in "Sin City,"
Which, lit up like a glitzy circus, still falls short of pretty.

I've learned that Belk's a company that ships stuff all about.
The Belk Bowl happens late next week. If you're not going out,
Perhaps you'd like to watch as Duke and Cincinnati play
Within a park named for a great big bank, or so they say.
The Bridgeport Education Holiday should be a treat
When Baylor's Bears confront the Bruins. Wow! That should be sweet.
I'm bullish on this ursine match-up. Both will come to play…
The San Diego sunshine should delight UCLA.

Meanwhile, since sooner's past I'll have to mention slightly later
The bowl game known to some as the Gator.
They'll hold it down in Jacksonville. Excitement it should yield
To those who fill the seats down there at EverBank, the field
Named after still another institution full of money,
I don't mean to suggest that they are pulling something funny,
But EverBank, TaxSlayer… that's a most convenient match,
For those who'd like to keep the feds from grabbing up their scratch.

Should no bowl that I've mentioned make you think that you should go,
Well, how about the lyrical Valero Alamo?
The Hyundai Sun, the Chick-fil-A, the Heart of Dallas, too,
Like the New Era Pinstripe would, I'll venture, welcome you…
Unless they're out of tickets, which I think that they are not,
But if they are, the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is pretty hot.
If still there is no bowl you wish to watch, what can I say?
I've given it my corporate best, and now I'll go away.

This segment aired on December 22, 2012.

Bill Littlefield Host, Only A Game
Bill Littlefield was the host of Only A Game from 1993 until 2018.



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