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Ataka no Matsu (from Kabuki & Other Traditional Music, Nonesuch, 2006)

Only a Game…bringing the Koto and the Shakuhachi to the Super Bowl loving masses once again! On the rare occasions that I do hear this music during other times of the year, I start composing haiku in my head…instantaneously.

Doin' The Pigeon by Bert (from Sesame Street Fever, Sesame Workshop, 2010)

Bert is one of the more underrated singers in pop history. If you can get past his slightly nasal timbre, one finds an abundant richness of vocal expression.

Satto (from Kabuki & Other Traditional Music, Nonesuch, 2006)

…and again!

The Positive and The Negative by Minoru Muraoka (from Bamboo, King Records, 2007)

…and once again for good measure.

This segment aired on February 2, 2013. The audio for this segment is not available.


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