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Will former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar get his own statue in Cleveland? At least one Only A Game listener seems to think so. (Mark Duncan/AP)

Two weeks ago, our program featured a commentary by Elissa Ely about how watching her daughter play volleyball briefly seemed to halt the relentless passage of time. Several listeners posted comments about that essay at One who identified herself as "Swim Mom" wrote, "Feel free to enter the name of any of the sports our daughters choose. For me it was swimming. The emotion of wanting these beautiful moments to last is achingly strong. I think I miss it as much as my girls do."

Mike Penguido was among the many listeners responding to Jason Albert's story on adaptive skiing in Oregon. "I heard it on KCUR in Kansas City," he wrote on our Facebook page, "and I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you."

We also heard from a number of people who've been running successful adaptive skiing programs for years in various places.

Now for the veritable landslide of responses to our story two weeks ago about hula-hooping. Kari Whitney, who identifies herself as a "hard-core athlete," wrote "never in a million years would I have thought I would be teaching hula hoop fitness classes, but I love it and I get an awesome workout."

Jocelyn Gordon wrote to inform us that "the hoop community is ever expansive, kind, and innovative," and Leslie Loges, who is "Hoopnotica certified," writes that she lost 25 pounds in her first six months of hooping. "On a really bad day," she says, "I can go to the gym and hoop for an hour and leave feeling like a different person. Hooping is good for the soul."

Last week on Only A Game we learned of a registry of baseball statuary throughout the U.S., and I invited you to let us know about baseball-related art with which we might not be familiar. Among the Facebook posts in response was one from David Hollis, whose favorite is "a large baseball in tribute to John McGraw in the tiny hamlet of Truxton, New York." Andy Vinciquerra visited the Facebook page as well to remind everybody of the statue of Johnny Podres pitching to Roy Campanella outside the Hall of Fame, and he went on to speculate that there may someday be a statue of former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar in Cleveland, given how popular he is there.

Visit and tell us what you think of the stories on the show. You can leave a message on the listener line, 617-353-1860, and you can follow us on Twitter and find us on Facebook, where you can suggest a statue of your favorite, relatively under-celebrated, baseball-related worthy.

This segment aired on March 16, 2013.

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