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Waterskiing by B.C. Scar (from Sidereal Rest, Various Artists, Revolver USA/Scratch, 1996)

This is the trend on Only A Game; utilitarian music. We've got a topic, and we need a subject-specific song about it. Songwriters of America, start writing!


Long Distance Runner by DeGarmo & Key (from Very Best of DeGarmo & Key, Forefront Records, 2006)

It was so sad when they split to do solo records. One was called DeGarmo. The other was called, simply Key.


Workaday World by Jack Beaver (from Music for TV Dinners, Scamp Records, 1997)

If Only A Game had a TV dinner named for the show, what would be in it? Ham, for Bill, definitely. Some corn. Some candy for dessert, because we work in the candy shoppe. Maybe a little detachable pouch for Greg Norman wine. Something like that.


I Got Kinda Lost by Chris Bell (from I Am the Cosmos, Rykodisc, 1992)

A fabulous record by the late Big Star member. Beautiful songs beautifully recorded. Paul McCartney visited Bell in the studio as he was recording some of the songs for this record. Bell died in a car crash in 1978. What a shame that it took 14 years for this record to reach the public.


Big Time Players by T. Powell (from Big Time Players, Powell Family Records, 2011)

That's Jahmani Swanson…a big time player.


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