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Super Arsenal F.C by Arsenal F.C 1979 (from Highbury Anthems, 13th Moon Recordings, 2008)

Find an old crooner, and stick him in a room with a piano and a primitive recording device. Add a soccer song. What do you get? Magic!


Strike Out King by The Quakes (from Voice of America, Nervous Records, 2003)

Shouldn’t this be Strike Out Queen?


Luckiest People by Graham Central Station (from Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It, Rhino/Warner Bros., 2010)

This supposedly hit #9 on the charts in 1975, but I don’t remember it. And 1975 was right in my pop music wheelhouse.


Sochi 2014 Theme Song (from YouTube)

OK, so one would assume any official Olympic theme would be, first and foremost, universal and welcoming to all.  I assumed those qualities would be reflected in Sochi's theme song as well. Right? Wrong. Listen to the above link, which is the song in Russian with no subtitles. Then, if you don’t understand Russian, watch this video with English subtitles (YouTube). Unless "the heavens are shining red, white and blue" is meant to welcome USA, Great Britain, France, Liberia, Iceland, etc., it's a kind of "Russia Uber Alles"!  Wow. Putin's really laying it down early, isn't he?



This segment aired on July 20, 2013. The audio for this segment is not available.

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