Chicago's Derrick Rose Returns At Last

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Derrick Rose is healthy and ready to elevate his game and take the Bulls to the next level. (Jeff Roberson/AP)
Derrick Rose is healthy and ready to lead the Chicago Bulls on another playoff run. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls tore his left ACL  on April 28, 2012. After surgery, he missed the entire 2012-13 season. Rose was cleared to return in March, but chose to sit out rather than return for the playoffs.

On Tuesday, Rose played his first home game at Chicago's United Center  in 17 months. He finished with 22 points and two assists in 22 minutes. The Bulls open their season on Oct. 29 and Chicagoans are ready for a full season with Rose back in action. K.C. Johnson of The Chicago Tribune has been writing about his return and joined Bill Littlefield on Only A Game.

[sidebar title="The Fallout From Sitting Out" align="right"]Read more about Derrick Rose's decision to sit out the 2012-13 season.[/sidebar]The atmosphere was "pretty much how they've responded throughout this guys career, with quite a bit of love. The local product who's done good," Johnson said. "Grew up on Chicago's South Side. Attended Simeon High School here in Chicago and has just really handled himself well in his young NBA career with a lot of class and skill."

The warm welcome comes after a mixed reaction to Rose's decision to sit out last season.

"[Rose] and his camp made a strategic decision to sit out the season for the longevity of his career, and they thought that was the best thing not only for himself, but for the future of the organization," Johnson said. "This is a kid who just turned 25 who cares deeply about returning the Bulls to championship status. You know he didn't listen to the noise around him. There was quite a bit of clambering for him to return and he listened to his body and the people around him and his own voice. And did what he thought was best for not only for his long-term future, but for the future of the franchise."

Johnson says he's is among those who support Rose's decision to sit out.

"It's his body, his career, his decision," he said.

Rose's first regular-season test will be a big one. The Bulls' opener is on the road against the two-time defending champs, the Miami Heat.

This segment aired on October 19, 2013.


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