Seahawks Set Sights On Super Bowl

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Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks have had much to celebrate in 2013. (Brent R. Smith/AP)
Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks have had much to celebrate in 2013. (Brent R. Smith/AP)

It’s been 34 years since the SuperSonics gave Seattle its most recent championship. The Seahawks, with an NFL-best 12-2 record, have a shot to end the city’s title drought. Jerry Brewer, a columnist for the Seattle Times, joined Bill Littlefield to break down the team’s chances.

BL: How hopeful are the fans regarding the Seahawks?

JB: Hopeful is a word. It's almost like arrogant. People believe so much in this team that they feel like it's Super Bowl or bust. You would think that people would be on edge but there's something about this team that is so anti-Seattle. I mean you always talk about Seattle being passive-aggressive. Well, this team is cocky, and people are really starting to tap into it

BL: The Seahawks have the NFL’s top defense and are coming off a shutout of the New York Giants. And you suggest the Seattle defense may not be getting enough credit. Why is that?

You always talk about Seattle being passive-aggressive. Well, this team is cocky.

Jerry Brewer, <em>Seattle Times</em> columnist

BL: Last year quarterback Russell Wilson made the Pro Bowl as a rookie. Is it fair to say he’s still improving?

JB: He absolutely is still improving. The guy is marvelous. First of all, he's an escape artist as an athlete. It's his mind though. It's almost like he's robotic in the way he goes about his business. He never changes. There's never been a moment in the NFL that's been too big for him. We have not seen this guy show a fatal flaw yet.

BL: The Seahawks hired Pete Carroll to be their head coach in 2010 after the team had gone 5-11. How much credit does Carroll deserve for the team’s turnaround? 

JB: He deserves a tremendous amount of credit. We're talking about a guy, who, when he came here, everyone said, "You failed with the New York Jets. You failed with the New England Patriots. You went to USC, and that was great, but guess what: you were able to recruit the best players on the planet. What are you going to do when the talent is more even?" He's gone out, and he's basically done the same thing he was doing at USC.

BL: Is he different from other NFL coaches in the way he runs the team?

JB: Oh, absolutely. I believe he's the second-oldest coach in the NFL, but you would never notice that. The music is blaring at practice. During the pregame, he's out throwing the football, trying to throw it 62 yards to match his age. He's a fun-loving guy, but he's got the hammer, and he'll show you that he has the hammer, but he never has to swing it because guys respect him. I've never seen a football team work as hard with a smile on their face as the Seahawks do. And you've got to give Pete Carroll a lot of credit for that.

BL: All right, Jerry, when you joined me last year, I asked you to guess the outcome of Seattle’s playoff game against Washington. You not only predicted the upset. You also came within a point of the score. So, what’s the future look like for this Seattle team?

JB: I think they're going to the Super Bowl. I couldn't tell you because I don't know what the matchup will be in the Super Bowl, but no one is going to come to Seattle in January and knock them off.

This segment aired on December 21, 2013.


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