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Slapshot Man by The Zambonis (from More Songs About Hockey…and buildings and food, Tarquin Records, 2003)

Is there a golf band? Not really. A football band? No way. A badminton band? Maybe in Indonesia.  Here, in the USA, it's hockey and baseball for niche sports bands. And The Zambonis are the best…and only…hockey band in the world.  

Star Spangled Banner by The Demolition String Band (from Like A Prayer EP, Breaking Records, 2007)

Is this the Hendrix version?


Baylor Fight Song (from YouTube)

It's Grinerrific.

Mother by Danzig (from Danzig, American Recordings, 1988)

And, yes, sports fans, there IS a sports connection here. Former Red Sox closer Keith Foulke and Braves catcher Ryan Doumit use Mother as their "walk up" song.

Titans of Thunder by Hollywood Trailer Music Orchestra (from The Ultimate Movie Trailer Music Collection-Sci Fi/Horror, Megatrax, 2011)

Sounds like baseball mascot music to me...


This segment aired on April 12, 2014. The audio for this segment is not available.

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