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Anthem (Alé, Alé, Alé, Alé) by The from Soccer Rocks the Globe, Mercury, 1994)

This brings me back 20 years, when the World Cup was here in the States. Back then, the supposition was that soccer was about to take over the U.S., colorful scarves and jerseys were commonly seen in the cities and suburbs, and Alexi Lalas was ubiquitous. How little has changed!


God Save The Queen by Queen (from A Night at the Opera, EMI, 1975)

I thought the Sex Pistols wrote that one…

Star Spangled Banner by Boston (from Greatest Hits, Sony Legacy, 2009)

I thought Jimi Hendrix wrote that one…

Piggies by Boreades de Montreal (from Beatles Baroque, Vol. 1, ATMA Classics, 2000)

It's about time someone did a decent instrumental of this song.

Reels by The Rogues (from Hollerin' for Haggis!, CD Baby, 1996)

You can’t get enough haggis music. You just can't. As for haggis itself…

Christmas in Los Angeles by Lawrence Welk (from 22 Merry Christmas Favorites, Ranwood, 1992)

Did anyone expect ol' Lawrence to do 22 mopey holiday faves? C'mon!

The Ballad of Ty Cobb by Wally Pleasant (from Diamond Cuts, Hungry for Music, 1997)

To me, Cobb is not exactly the most ballad-worthy fellow, but at least it's not an Ode To

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