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It’s that time of year again, when stockings must be stuffed, trees trimmed and menorahs lighted. Worried about what to buy that sports fan in your life? For the 22nd consecutive year, Only A Game has compiled the finest sports-themed gifts money can buy.

GameDay Kickasserole: $24.95

(Courtesy of Crystal Creek Boutique)

The Gameday Kickasserole is a 13x9 Pyrex casserole dish etched on the bottom with a football, baseball or hockey puck. While most customers choose to include the word "kickasserole," Valerie Rzeszotarski from Crystal Creek Boutique will etch whatever words you choose. Valerie has filled some unique customization requests, including making a dish into a marriage proposal that wouldn't be visible until an entire casserole was eaten.

Passback Football: $14.95 — $39.95

(Courtesy of

It’s a football (or really about three-quarters of a football) and when you throw it just right at a hard surface, it should come spiraling back to you. It could be helpful for a kid who wants to get in some extra throws after practice or a quarterback who didn't have any friends to play catch with. Maybe we should get one for benched Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III?

Puck Bottle Opener: $95

(Courtesy of Tokens & Icons)

There are a lot of game-used items on the market, but Tokens & Icons specializes in making things that can be put to good use. So, this company bores a hole in an official game-used puck and installs a bottle opener. It must feel satisfying to open a nice cold bottle of beer with a puck that’s been on the ice during an actual NHL game.

Ugly Sweaters: $49.95 — $89.95

Those are actual members of the San Jose Sharks singing about their favorite holiday attire. Antti Niemi seems to really like his Santa Claus sweater, but he'd look even more festive in a San Jose Sharks ugly sweater. Thanks to the folks at Forever Collectibles, so-called ugly sweaters are available for all your favorite teams in all your favorite sports.

Derek Jeter Exclusive Retirement Collector Set: $271.99 (currently on sale!)

In honor of Yankees star Derek Jeter retirement this year, the folks at OYO Sports have put together the Derek Jeter Exclusive Retirement Collector Set. OYO is officially licensed by the MLB, NFL, NHL and the NCAA. This special pack of Derek Jeter OYOs even includes one of Jeter in his Little League uniform.

Bicycle Menorah: $92

(Courtesy of Rejuiced Bikes PDX)

The holidays aren't just for those celebrating Christmas. Johnnie Olivan at Rejuiced Bikes PDX makes sculptural objects out of discarded bicycle parts. And one day he noticed something ... hundreds of bicycle cogs that, if you looked at them just right, kind of looked like they contained the Star of David. Each sculpture is one of a kind.

Hoverball: $9.99

Big or small. Kick that hover ball! That's what the TV ad suggests we do. But really, we only included the Hover ball on this list because we wanted to kick off to something cooler.

What's cooler than a Hoverball?

Hendo Hoverboard: $10,000 (pre-order only)

Remember "Back to the Future II," when Marty McFly travels to 2015 and borrows a little girl’s hoverboard? On Oct. 21, 2015, a California tech firm plans to make delivery on the first Hendo Hoverboards. Marty McFly’s hoverboard didn’t work on water. The Hendo Hoverboard only works over a slab of conductive material like aluminum or copper.

Steelhead "Fish-On" Pendant: $350 — $375

(Courtesy of

The weather is a little cold here in New England for fishing, but it’s the perfect time of year to order something from Renee Schatzley Gall, owner of Tight Lines Jewelry. Renee makes all sorts of fishing related jewelry: pendants and rings and cufflinks. She can even paint some of her items so that they closely resemble that big brown trout you caught last season. As Bill Littlefield says, this jewelry is very alluring.

We hope some of our gift suggestions have caught on. (Get it? Caught on?) However you celebrate, Happy Holidays from all of us here at Only A Game.

This segment aired on December 13, 2014.


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