Memorable Press Conference Moments

Though the NFL community is most used to seeing him composed and stoic during interviews, Bill Belichick gives the people a taste of his sense of humor every so often. The latest gem from the four-time Super Bowl champion coach came in a press conference last Wednesday. After a reporter asked a follow-up question — the answer to which Belichick had just finished explaining — the Pats head coach countered with a pithy response suggesting the reporter's attention had been elsewhere:

"What, were you, on SnapFace there when we were talking about it?"

This playful jab probably would have been funny enough even if Belichick had gotten the social media platform's name correct (the formula for this one looks like Snapchat +Facebook = SnapFace). Also, it's not the first time Belichick's "technological savvy" has been on display. Some past references to social media include fictional companies like "InstantFace" and "MyFace."

This event got us thinking about past rants, conversations and call-outs — both funny and angry — in press conferences. Here are some of the more memorable exchanges between coaches, players and journalists.

Derek Jeter: 'You Want Me To Get It?'

To start things off with a positive interaction, we turn to former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. During an extended press conference after Derek Jeter Day in September 2014, a reporter's phone — among the many recording devices placed before Jeter -- started ringing. Instead of letting it go to voicemail, Jeter answered. It turns out the person on the other end was the reporter's husband.

Gregg Popovich: 'And They Pay You, Don't They?'

Among the many great Gregg Popovich interviews given over the years, here's one lighthearted moment from the 2014 Western Conference Finals. A reporter asks why each of the games in the 3-2 series had been lopsided. Pop essentially responds, "You really think I know that?" The two spend the rest of the time joking around, and the reporter handles it well.

Mike Gundy: 'Come After Me! I'm A Man! I'm 40!'

On to some of the more, well, unfriendly coach-media interactions. Here we've got Oklahoma State head football coach Mike Gundy defending one of his quarterbacks against a newspaper article. Gundy felt the journalist was "attacking an amateur athlete for doing everything right." He repeatedly insists this reporter must not know what it's like to have a child. Things get pretty heated.

Hal McRae: 'Don't Ask Me All These Stupid A** F***ing Questions'

A seemingly innocuous question gone very, very wrong. After former Royals manager Hal McRae is asked about a potential pinch-hit situation, he loses his temper. Curse words abound. Things get thrown. Reporters run for cover.

Do Belichick's social media mess-ups belong on the list of famous press conference moments? Let us know below. Or, better yet, tell us which of your favorite outbursts we're missing.



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