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Can the nationwide hatred of the New England Patriots be traced back to this moment? (Elise Amendola/AP)
Can the nationwide hatred of the New England Patriots be traced back to this moment? (Elise Amendola/AP)

If you don't live in New England, you probably don't like the New England Patriots. Can that nationwide hatred be traced back to a single controversial call? This week on Only A Game, we look back at the infamous Tuck Rule game. Also, the XXIII edition of OAG's Super Bowl Haiku. Plus, Sonny Liston died of a heroin overdose — at least, that's the official story. Journalist Shaun Assael believes it was a murder and tries to answer a complicated question: who did it? Join us!

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The 'Tuck Rule' Game That Started A Dynasty ... And A Backlash

One of the most controversial calls in NFL history was made during a divisional playoff game on January 19, 2002. Without that call, the New England Patriots might never have become one of the most successful — and hated — teams in the league.

3 (Super) Stories: NFL Spin, Meh Matchup, Movie Alternatives

Is the NFL trying to distract fans from domestic violence and concussion issues? Does this year's Super Bowl matchup lack entertainment value? And, for those who are so inclined, what's the best way to avoid football this Sunday?

Super Bowl Haiku XXIII
With Super Bowl LI upon us, it's time for the 23rd edition of Only A Game's haiku tradition.
Charlie Pierce: The Week In Sports

Bill and Only A game analyst Charlie Pierce discuss Tom Brady's popularity, MLS expansion, Brent Musburger's new gig and more.

One Journalist's Attempt To Solve 'The Murder Of Sonny Liston'

Sonny Liston died in 1970, allegedly of a heroin overdose. But Shaun Assael believes there's more to the former boxing champ's death.

Littlefield: A Superstitious Super Bowl Memory

Bill Littlefield recalls watching the Patriots' first Super Bowl appearance. He also recalls pizza. And chili. And (maybe) cookies.

This program aired on February 4, 2017.


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